Rialto Channel

Brandspank was excited to be called in to produce all the on air imagery for the Rialto Channel's rebrand. Taking the newly designed logo by Interbrand, and the concept of The Storyteller, we created a look that is fresh, clean and contemporary.

Created entirely in 3D we envisaged an empty but tangible environment that allowed our stories to be told. The idea of space is echoed throughout the entire treatment with our 3D environment becoming the context to house the ID's and all on-air graphic elements.

Channel Imagery

Channel Imagery

For our ID's we employed the concept of 'mis en abyme', a formal technique in which an image contains a smaller copy of itself. Using this we visually mimicked the concept of a story within a story. Objects frozen in time hover within our space alluding to narratives and the act of storytelling.

The overall treatment and continuity across all on-air elements created a unified and complete brand aesthetic, resulting in the design winning Gold for Channel Brand of the Year in Australia, 2013.

On-Air Design
Channel Brand of the Year 2013 | Australia/ New Zealand | PromaxBDA| Gold
Channel Ident Detail
3D Breakdown